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Repair & Maintenance

Take your pool from this …
… to this
In-ground vinyl liner pool services

Pool openings & closings w/winter cover placement & removal
Custom measured liner replacements
Acrylic step repair/replacement
Acrylic step delete w/vinyl covered cake step install
LED underwater light install on existing pool
Leak detection w/plumbing pressure tests
Skimmer or return replacements
Gravity drains on floating liners (ground water removal)
Vermiculite repair
New coping install
Rust repairs
Liner patches
Mustard algae & general pool chemical troubleshooting

Cover star/APC automatic pool cover services

A.C. fabric patching and replacements
Motor replacement
Top track retrofit on existing pools
Detachable rope replacement
New/repair top track wheel assemblies
Collapsed winter A.C. cover fabric/track repair
New A.C. box install

Mesh Cover

Mesh cover install on new/existing pools
Cover repairs (fabric tears, broken straps/springs/anchors)

Pool equipment services

Chlorinator/salt system install or service
New pool pumps/motor/seals
Sand filter/cartridge install or services
Heater install or repairs by in-house Raypack certified tech
New valves
Complete equipment slab overhauls